Sunday, March 26, 2006

Top 100 Search Engines

Link Popularity refers to the number of links coming from other web sites to your web site (also called inbound links). The competition between search engines and webmasters has led the search engines to find new ways to measure the importance of a site. Google has been responsible for introducing link popularity as an important aspect in its algorithms. For instance, if Google reads your site and sees many inbound links from related web sites it interprets each link as a "vote" that your site is good and as a result gives you a boost in your ranking.If you want to improve search engine rankings with link popularity it is important that the bulk of the inbound links that point to your site are coming from other quality sites; in this case quality is better than quantity because the search engines look at the page ranks of the sites that are linking to you ? the higher, the better.
And submission in Search engine is one of the way of getting IBL(Inbound back linking)
Here is a list of 100 Search Engine:

I Think this list is a good source for Search engine Optimiser`s.
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Brijesh said...

Very informative article!! will use it ....

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Nalini Niraj said...

Can we submit in 100s of search engines, or we should consider only prime engines such as google, yahoo, msn etc...

Sonika Soni said...

Ya! we can submit site in 100s search engines and directories.

rau123 said...

Hi Sonika,

But it's a tedious job to submit your site in 100s of search engines , instead of i would prefered auto submission.

wt u say on this issue?

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