Thursday, October 26, 2006

Advantages to Working with the Pay Engines

The pay engines offer many advantages to Web site owners,

1. If you have a brand new site with little or no visibility and no link popularity, the pay engines are certainly a way to get started fast while you wait for your standard search engine marketing efforts to kick in and take effect.
2. Pay-per-click engines are ideal for holiday promotions, special sales, or to jump start slow engine traffic.
3.With the pay engines, you have instant visibility in whichever search engines display those results.
4.You choose your rankings, depending on how deep your pocket book is.
5.If some of your keywords aren't performing, you can choose other ones.
6.You only pay for clicks to your site, so you can target your traffic by the keywords you choose.
7.With regular optimization efforts, it's sometimes difficult to achieve top rankings if you're in a highly competitive field. With the pay engines, you pay for your rankings, and VOILA! You're there!
8.Purchasing keywords is certainly easier and less time consuming than optimizing your pages.
9.With regular engines, when algorithms (or ranking criteria) change, you can find yourself booted out of your top spot. With the pay engines, as long as you're willing to hand out the cash, you'll be on top.
10.You can target your audience based on the keywords you choose. Most Web sites have multiple target audiences, so pay-per-click keywords are a way to reach each of those target audiences.
11.Pay-per-click is generally less expensive than traditional advertising media.
12. With pay-per-click engines, you don't have to worry about design strategies that could mean death to a Web site otherwise.

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