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Free Social Bookmarking Networks

Free Social Bookmarking Networks

A1-Webmarks - a free service that combines the convenience of a personal webmark server with the power of social webmarking

Aboogy- create a list of links to the Web sites that You like! - createcategories of Web sites that are logical to You only! - access them all in just one click! - access them from any computer in the world! - keep them for your eyes only

Backflip- Web-based bookmarks under your control and privacy. Free, easy-to-usetool that automatically organizes personal bookmarks into a searchable hierarchical directory

BandBuzzer- a free social bookmarking website for independent music bands andartists of every genre. It allows you to vote for the bands you loveand thus make them more popular or to submit your own band to the website and thus showcase your work to thousands of music hungry visitors

BibSonomy- a system for sharing bookmarks and lists of literature. When discovering a bookmark or a publication on the web, you can store it on our server. You can add tags to your entry to retrieve it more easily.This is very similar to the bookmarks/favorites that you store within your browser. The advantage of BibSonomy is that you can access your data from where ever you are. Furthermore, you can discover more bookmarks and publications from your friends and other people

Blinklist- allows you to rapidly bookmark, label and comment on any web page on the Internet. Your sites are organized intuitively using a new system called 'tagging'. You can then access your list of sites from anymachine or share your lists with anyone on the Internet

BlinkPro- subscription service caters to the needs of sophisticated researchers, librarians, teachers, and other professionals for whom Weband Internet research is a vital part of their careers. BlinkPro makesall of your vital Internet-based data available from any computer atany time: at work, at home, or on the road. And because its asubscription-based service, BlinkPro doesn't bombard you with advertising or annoying email marketing. Today, BlinkPro is managing millions of bookmarks for its rapidly growing member base

BlogMarks- a collaborative link management project based on sharing and key-wordtagging. Build on a blog basis, BlogMarks is an open and free technology

BlogMemes - International network of social bookmarking and news search engine

Blue Dot - Social networking service that allows users to save and share bookmarks

Blue Smiley Organizer - Manage Bookmarks, Contacts, Diary, To-Do List, Reminder, Knowledge

Bookmark Base- a feature-rich application. You can use it the way you like: just for checking bookmarks for validity, for transferring bookmarks from one PC to another or for synchronizing bookmarks between different browsers on one PC

Bookmark Buddy- a sophisticated yet intuitive favorites organizer and login manager that keeps your Internet favorites, log-in details and notes secure and accessible no matter what browser you're using. It also lets you organize program, document and folder shortcuts with the same simplicity and reliability

Bookmark Commando - Allows you to securely store bookmarks, view them through any web access device anywhere you access the Web

Bookmark Magic
- Get fast and easy access to your bookmarks online from any Internet-connected computer with the free Site Bar service at Browse through your bookmarks in an explorer-like fashion or in a standard internet directory way. Integrate the service in your browser for fast and easy access. Import/export bookmarks from/to different formats like Internet Explorer, Netscape, Firefox,Opera, RSS, XBEL. Make some bookmarks private, share other bookmark with others,use different skins, etc. It currently supports 23different languages. Test the service by logging in and password: demo

Bookmark Tracker
- Web-based bookmark database service that will keep track of your bookmarks for you

BookmarkSync- a social bookmark community offering real-time automatic synchronization services that allow you to access your bookmarks and favorites from any computer or any browser, anywhere in the world.Real-time RSS feeds power your PC and mobile devices

Bookmarx- Nifty utility which will scan all your Netscape bookmarks and/or IE Favorites and notify you when each Link changes, or becomes invalid - you can store your bookmarks and links to your favorite sites online and access them from wherever you need - store all your bookmarks on-line and be able to get to them from anywhere

CiteULike- a free service to help academics to share, store, and organise the academic papers they are reading. When you see a paper on the web that interests you, you can click one button and have it added to your personal library

ClickMarks- Manage your book marks on-line. Get Global access, Single up-to-date bookmark set, Complete Privacy, and the Coolest Management Tools for Your Bookmarks

Clipmarks- clip and save just the stuff you want from any web page.Then sign in with your free account to search, browse and share your clipmarks. You can also search the Public Clipmarks to see what's being clipped and who's clipping it. Find information that matters to you and connect with other members of the Clipmarks community who share your interests

CommonTimes - An interactive news site where you select the top stories and share your views about the day's events

Complore- derived from com-(with,together) and explore-(search, research). As the name suggests, complore is a vision to connect people from diverse backgrounds, from traditional research areas such as the sciences and engineering to non-traditional fields such as theater and music,through collaboration and networking and provide them a common platformto collectively explore their areas of interest. Thus complore provides people to think and work as a team
- lets you establish a personal link directory online. As you surf the web, you collect links, categorize them in a way that makes sense to you, and optionally make them visible to others on the web

- free online reference management service for scientists to store or share articles and links - Open source clone of with private bookmarking, tagging, blogging, and notes a social bookmarks manager. It allows you to easily add sites youlike to your personal collection of links, to categorize those siteswith keywords, and to share your collection not only between your own browsers and machines, but also with others. Once you've registered for the service, you add a simple bookmarklet to your browser. When you find a web page you'd like to add to your list, you simply select bookmarklet, and you'll be prompted for a information about the page. You can add descriptive terms to group similar links together, modify the title of the page, and add extended notes for yourself or for others

Digg- a user driven social content website. Ok, so what the heck does that mean? Well, everything on digg is submitted by the digg user community(that would be you). After you submit content, other digg users read your submission and digg what they like best. If your story rocks and receives enough diggs, it is promoted to the front page for the millions of digg visitors to see

- (dee'go) is about "Social Annotation". By combining social bookmarking, clippings, in situ annotation, tagging, full-text search,easy sharing and interactions, Diigo offers a powerful personal tool and a rich social platform for knowledge users, and in the process,turns the entire web into a writable, participatory and interactive media - Store your web bookmarks/favorites on the web

Dude, Check This Out! - a tool to create a blog-level abstraction of the Internet

EasyBM- allows users to bookmark their frequently visited sites on their private page, allowing 1-click access to their favorite web sites without telling the world which sites they are regularly visiting

Favmark- Bookmark management and favorite management. Synchronise your bookmarks between computers. Share your favorites with your friends on your blog or website quickly, easily and for free is your personalized new start page. Collect your favorite internet addresses. Add notes. Simply and elegant, access your data whereeveryou are online

Finety - a tool for you to manage your Bookmarks online

Frassle - helps you read and publish weblogs, track bookmarks,and find relevant content organized your way Provides free pages of links that you can access anywhere at anytime.Better than bookmarks, these pages are always available to you and they are free

Furl- a free service that saves a personal copy of any page you find on theWeb, and lets you find it again instantly by searching your archive ofpages. It's your Personal Web. Furl offers the best ways to share the content you find on the Web, and recommends new Web pages that mayinterest you. You can also search Furl to find the best sites that other people are saving

GlobusPort - Free online bookmarks manager and a starting page service

Google Bookmarks - Allows users to save and create bookmarks that can be accessed anywhere

GUIcookies - dynamic bookmark manager that leverages the benefits of drag-and-drop technology

Hotlist Anywhere- An online hotlist manager for people who access the Web from multiple locations. Full-featured interface also lets you send bookmarks toother users, remove duplicate URLs, and much more

HumDigg - an Indian community news site that gives editorial controls to the people who use it. This is done through "Stamps"

HydraLinks - utility offered by iLor that streamlines the way hyperlinks are accessed, managed, and shared

Hyperlinkomatic - bookmark list manager

IC Soft, Inc.- offers software including a tool for database application developers,a web-based project management system, and a bookmark manager

iFaves- a new, free bookmark manager that saves users time and frustration by replacing the "add-to-favorites" functionality of existing browsers with features such as remote access, instant sharing, descriptive notes, tag-based organization and a customizable start page - Pop up feature allows you to add links while surfing the web

itList - keep your favorite sites and email addresses on the Web

- collaborative bookmarking system that allows users to store, share, and discover relevant links

Kaboodle - makes it easy to collect, organize, and share information for shopping, travel or any other research

KMFavorites- Store your bookmarks online. Register, sign in and add your favorites to your personal online bookmark database. You also can browser the public bookmarks and add them to your online favorites or make yours public

Link2Mark - User-friendly, wap access, import/export capabilities and privacy

Linkroll- a free link blogging service. At a personal level you can bookmark,categorize and comment on all the great web pages/links you find. All your bookmarks are then sortable and searchable by category and date.All bookmarks are also accessible, by category and/or user, in the form of RSS feed (for your news aggregator), or JavaScript (for syndicationon your own web site)

Links2Go - Link directory service that also supports "personal" link management on their server

LiveFavorites - a sleek web-based manager for your bookmarks, RSS feeds, contacts and memos. Use it to access to your favorite information from any Internet connection

- Share, Store and Tag Your Favourite Links

Ma.gnolia - where people discover, save and share the best of online life

- Bookmark websites, files and notes side-by-side from your browser,email, or mobile phone to organize your data and share it with others.The source code is Creative Commons to encourage collaboration

- Online bookmark & personal information storage. Toolbars for web browser integration make storing & retrieving online bookmarks justas easy as using your browser's current system. Your existing bookmarkscan be imported with ease and the built in search engine makes finding information you've previously stored a snap. The fast, Ajax enabled web interface allows you to manage your bookmarks easily. Upcoming features include the saving of every page you bookmark, when you bookmark it, so you can see it again even if the site is taken offline or changes

- developed specifically for ambitious individuals with personalpurpose. It combines journaling, blogging and networking with new waysto record, categorize and organize your posts. Mind Deposit encourages you to invest in you -- to develop, cultivate and create your "self."

Mobleo- allows you to easily add, organize, and share your mobile phone bookmarks with your friends, family, and colleagues using your desktop computer. Simply add your links to your link pool and organize them into related groups using tags for instant access on your mobile phone

MURL - My URLs is a free online bookmarks manager, think of it as a bookmarks Community

My Bookmark Manager - manage and store your bookmarks online for easy retrieval from any computer at anytime

MyBookmarks- access your bookmarks anytime, anywhere. Free productivity tool for business, student or personal use. Benefits: fast and simple; no banner ads. Unique "remark" facility allows one click import from either Internet Explorer or Netscape browsers

myFavorites Anywhere- a web based application that lets you store favorites on a web server so they can accessed from any computer with Internet access

myHq - Clean, banner advertising free site for managing your bookmarks in aunique tabular format. Allows complete control over color/background/fonts. You can also import/export bookmarks fromNetscape/IE/Opera

MyLinkVault- a free online bookmark manager. Other bookmark managers can be soclumsy to use - trying to rearrange your bookmarks can be slow andfrustrating. With MyLinkVault, we've created an easy drag-and-dropinterface, so you can rearrange your links and categories quickly andeasily - it's just as easy as rearranging the icons on your WindowsDesktop

MyWebDesktop - a collaboration and communication tool, designed to be as "generic" and easy to use as a telephone and email

a free social bookmarks manager where you can store your favoritelinks online and access them from any computer. On Netvouz you get yourown bookmarks page which gives a good overview of your favorite websites and easy access to them. You organize your bookmarks incategories and tag each bookmark with keywords and can then browse themby category or tag, or search for them. Public/private bookmarkssupport, intranet bookmarks, Hotpicks for your most used bookmarks,regularly validates your links, import/export capabilities, RSS feeds,easily add new bookmarks via the Add2Netvouz button (bookmarklet),clean user interface, no advertising. Also available in Swedish!

Newo17 - is a new search generation system where you can bookmark and vote for web pages

Online Bookmark Manager- a free bookmark & favorites service. Store and manage yourpersonal link list in the world wide web. Keep your bookmarks in syncbetween multiple computers. Join the Online Bookmark Manager now. Signup in a few seconds and test it

openBM - a little tool for everybody. openBM just keep's your bookmarks and provides them for other people on the web

PeerMark - Automatically organize and share your favorite browser bookmarks. Requires Windows XP, Windows 2000

Philippine Country Bookmarks- Store all your favourite links in one place, accessible fromanywhere. Share your bookmarks with everyone, with friends on yourwatchlist or just keep them private. Tag your bookmarks with as manylabels as you want, instead of wrestling with folders

Pluck Web Edition (PWE)
- manages your bookmarks and research in a central location that youcan access from any browser. You can easily store, annotate andinteractively share links and folders with friends and coworkers

- Award Winning Bookmark Manager and Personal Search Engine for theInternet. Backup and synchronize your bookmarks across the Internet,browser independent, and the innovative search interface provides fastand easy access to your bookmarks

- a social search engine powered by user contributions. We're an onlinecommunity, with over 130,000 URLs already tagged by our members. Findthe answers you need by incrementally selecting member-designated tagsto refine your search. RawSugar's patented technology determines thebest topics you can apply

Save Your Links - Bookmark and favorites manager with anywhere access to your public and private accounts

Scuttle- Store all your favourite links in one place, accessible fromanywhere. Share your bookmarks with everyone, with friends on yourwatchlist or just keep them private. Tag your bookmarks with as manylabels as you want, instead of wrestling with folders

Searchles- the intelligent social search platform that gets smarter every timeyou use it. We take popular Internet tools like bookmarking, taggingand sharing content and fully integrate them with in-depth searchfeatures. This means that you, your friends and the Searchles communitycan actually do something that matters -- discover, connect, find,share, collaborate and discuss - rather than wondering, "Why the heckam I posting content on this site? What's in it for me and my friends?"

SearchFox- is a privately held company, founded in December 2004. Our mission isto help people collaboratively search, organize and publishinformation. Our BETA product lets you tag web favorites with your ownwords so you can get back to them. It also lets you find what peopleyou trust find useful, valuable, and interesting. SearchFox is designedto integrate seamlessly with the way you search for information and getback to things you use frequently

a social bookmarking service with some important additional featuressuch as comments and ratings. With the Shadows toolbar, you're oneclick away from a discussion forum for any page on the web - shopping information bookmark site where you submit, share and bookmark all your shopping related information

Simpy- social bookmarking service where users can save, tag, and searchpersonal bookmarks or browse and search other users' links and tags

- a solution for people who use multiple browsers or computers and wantto have their bookmarks available from anywhere without need tosynchronize them or take them along

SiteJot- free online bookmark manager. It allows you to store all yourbookmarks/favorites in one online location, making them easilyaccessible from anywhere. Your bookmarks (organized by category) aredisplayed on a simple, well laid out page. SiteJot will even integratewith your web browser, allowing you to bookmark any site you arecurrently visiting with a click of your mouse

Smarking - a social bookmarks manager

Social Bookmarking
- A social networking community a bookmarking site focused on sports and games. You can add links,vote on other peoples links, start comment threads on posts, vote onour weekly polls, read our weekly features, consume our RSS feeds,search the site and generally add to the SportsLister community a free on-line bookmarking service and search engine. It allows youto store and quickly access again all the interesting pages you find onthe web from any Internet connected computer

Start Aid- Online Bookmark and Favorite manager. Quickly access your Links bysetting your "StartAid Personal Area" your browsers default start page.Never lose, forget, or misplace a bookmark or favorite again. Thumbnailimages of your links for quick identification. Access all of yourfavorite web sites with a single click. Your profile follows you to anycomputer you use, and more

StumbleUpon- helps you discover great websites. With a single click you can findand share interesting sites recommended by friends and like-mindedpeople

SV Bookmark - bookmark manager that works with popular browsers and has a smart user interface

Sync2It- a real-time automatic synchronization service that allows you toaccess your bookmarks, favorites and favorite files from any computeror any browser, without changing the way you use the Internet

- the recognized authority on what's going on in the world of weblogs.We help people search for, surface, and organize bloggers and theirdaily posts

unalog- you can look at what various people and groups of people are readingon the web here. You can get an account and add your own links, andcreate and join groups here too. If you get an account, or create agroup, either one can be made private, so nobody but you (if a privateaccount) or your fellow group members (if a private group) can see yourlinks

- URL sharing tool and multi-file search system integrating verifiedweb search features and a decentralized, peer-to-peer search system

Web Feeds
- a social bookmark site with a difference. Users moderate and decidewhich items make it to the home page, only rules being no links toadult related or illegal activity sites. Full RSS Search included - allows users to easily annotate, organize, and manage bookmarks as well as take screen shots of web pages

- Securely store and quickly access your favourite websites wheneverand whereever you are connected to the internet, regardless of whetheryou are using a computer at work, at university, at home or abroad

Wink- a social search engine. We surface the search results that otherpeople have found to be the best stuff for your questions. Wink alsolets you create what we call "Collections". Collections are simply away for you to share your knowledge of a subject with other people byputting the best links for a topic all together in one place

Wists - Search the web visually and bookmark search results

Womcat Bookmarks
- a new open source protocol and referenceapplication for sharing web bookmarks efficiently and effectively on a very large scale

World Wide Wisdom - Free bookmark manager with hierarchical categories

- a bookmark managing service plus RSS news reader

Yahoo! Bookmarks - store bookmarks and access them from any computer

yourMarks- an online bookmark manager, allowing you to save your bookmarksonline and access them with any browser, any computer, anywhere! Online Bookmarks- 100% FREE. Access your bookmarks from any computer. Easy to use andmaintain. Only you can view your bookmarks. Create separate accountsfor home and work. Hide sensitive bookmarks while viewing the rest.Sort your bookmarks alphabetically or by creation date. Assign multiplecategory labels to each bookmark

- Save your bookmarks, text clippings, images, files, and news feeds inone place. Tag and find what you've saved. Access your stuff from any computer anywhere

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ClickMarks- Manage your book marks on-line.

Google Bookmarks - Allows users to save and create bookmarks that can be accessed anywhere

MyBookmarks- access your bookmarks anytime, anywhere.

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